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5 Fashion Tips Every Girl Should Know

Fashion doesn't have to be intimidating! Here are 5 tips we think every girl should know:

1. A graphic tee can take you a long way!

Blue Magnolia Clothing Company Graphic TeeBlue Magnolia Clothing Company Graphic T-shirt

Pair a good basic (like our Classic Tee) with a pair of sweatpants while you run errands & then throw on a skirt with a pair of rockin' shoes and you're ready for date night! Dress it up or dress it down as we like to say! 

2. Never underestimate the power of good accessories!

Blue Magnolia Clothing Company Accessories

Have you ever watched Say Yes To The Dress and seen the bride be on the fence about a gown until Randy pulls out all the stops and grabs a veil? All of a sudden, her "maybe" immediately switches to a "YES!" Thats kinda the same thing that happens when you have a good necklace to put on with your "kinda cute" outfit...

3. Kimonos... need we say more?

Just being honest... we really hope the kimono trend never goes out of style. Throwing on a kimono takes any basic outfit up a notch. Feel like you're too short for kimonos? Tie them up on the sides to take up a little length + add a little more detail!

4. Animal print is DEFINITELY a neutral.

We can't say it enough! If you don't have some leopard or snakeskin in your closet, you should probably jump on that! Whether it's a skirt, top, hat, pair of shoes, purse, earrings... animal print can be paired with virtually any outfit. Trust us on this ;)

5. Dress for yourself and no one else!

"Real style is never right or wrong. It's a matter of being yourself on purpose." Our favorite thing about fashion is that it's a fun and creative way to express who you are. Wear the things that make you feel beautiful, confident and powerful... & if that's a pair of leggings and an oversized sweatshirt, then GIRL you rock that!